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Sullivan Firm NEWS: (6/17/2015)

Lifetime Movie Network will be premiering a new docu-series called "Monster in My Family" in which the families of notorious serial killers will meet families of their victims. The first show premiers, Wednesday, July 1st. Never before seen photos, home videos, journals and more will be revealed.

Terry Sullivan will be featured in an episode about John Wayne Gacy that airs Wednesday, July 15th at 9 p.m. ET. 

The Controversial Indiana Law (4/2/2015)

As many look to Indiana with shock and dissapointment about the new religious freedom law, the issues of discrimination against sexual orietation take front seat. Unlike many other religious freedom laws in neighboring states, Indiana's new law does not ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. The eyes of many are awaiting to see if and how Governor Mike Pence will be able to make this wrong a wright.  

Anti Bullying Laws (2/3/2015)

There has been many additions to our Illinois laws this year. One that is sure to attract the interest of many are the anti cyber Bullying laws. These laws aim to combat student harrasment and bullying online that may in anyway be connected with school and school funded activities. 

Super Bowl Sunday!! (1/30/2015)

The Sullivan Firm wants to wish everyone a safe and fun Super Bowl this Sunday. 

New Year New Laws (1/9/2015)

With the beggining of the new year, new laws begin too take effect. Illinois begins its year with a new pregnancy accomodation law. This law essures pregnant employees a non-bathroom space for breastfeeding and pumping and part time, motified schedule, or time off. 

Illinois Conceal and Carry (1/7/2015)

It has been a year since the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional for Illinois to deny people their Second Amendment rights. Many feared the worst, they claimed the streets of Chicago would become a war zone filled with gun violance. However, there has been no data that supports the speculations of more violence with the new gun laws. The violance continues, but is often not related to lawful gun owners. 

Girl Takes $1,000 Cab Ride (12/12/2014)

An 11 year old girl stole $10,000 from her gradmother and decided to traverl from Arkansas to Florida to meet a boy she had been talking to. She snuck out and took a cab ride. Her parents reported her missing, and the police quickly began a search for her. They located the cab driver and stopped them in Florida. Her parents are happy she is safe, but this brings up many issues. Some say cabs should require identification of minors when traveling across state borders.